What Are We Learning?

MATH: We are implementing a new Math program this year. We are beginning the school year learning about place value and its importance when working with whole numbers. We are also focusing on rounding number to specific places such as the tens place, hundreds place, and the thousandths place.

ELA: We have started to learn about the importance of text features in nonfiction text and informational texts. We will continue to learn about these text features, how to research a topic, how to avoid plagiarism, which will eventually lead us to write our own informational reports.

S.S.: We started our unit on Geography and have begun learning about landforms, geologists, latitude, and longitude. We are practicing how to find specific locations on a map using coordinates. Eventually, we will make our own salt dough maps of New York State and decorate it with all of its landforms.

SCIENCE: We just finished exploring energy through collision, renewable and nonrenewable resources, and energy transfer. We will learn about the life cycle of plants and animals, and how we can take care of the Earth.

HANDWRITING: We are diligently learning how to form cursive letters to make letters and words smoothly without lifting the pencil.

HEALTH: We are currently focusing on compassion, empathy, and sympathy. 

RELIGION: In the first chapter, we talk about God’s goodness and about all of the things he created. We will also learn more about God revealing himself as the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.